Meet Louis Harris

Louis Harris. Photo: Tipping Point Photography.

Known as an excellent facilitator able to create a positive atmosphere of engagement and cooperation, Louis Harris of For Your Betterment, Inc. helps your business or group solve teamwork, planning, and organizational challenges.  Using an Appreciative Inquiry approach to organizational change, Mr. Harris would help your team identify its natural strengths, determine where the best opportunities lie, and design an organization that will get you there.  As a strategic thinker, solution discoverer, and destination planner, Mr. Harris is able to evaluate a team’s strengths and design strategic plans that achieve optimum results.

With a compassionate and empathetic approach to team building, Louis Harris works with people of disparate opinions and backgrounds to help team members see all sides of an issue, with a goal of resolving disputes and reaching consensus.  He has a natural inclination to include all perspectives in devising a consensus, in doing so he creates a positive work environment where all team members feel a part of the process and own the solutions.  He is able to help individuals and teams break through barriers and see beyond challenges to discover opportunities.

Louis Harris combines his team building skills with excellent writing and communication skills to create plans that are easy to understand and follow. In addition to creating the plan, he can also create the talking points and other written media to rally the team to support the overall vision.

Louis Harris has assisted nonprofit membership organizations, governmental agencies, and large corporation.  He has the experience and ability to bring out the best of your organization.