Meeting and Team Facilitation

Are your team meetings unfocused and repetitive? Do you spin your wheels with no forward progress?

  • Louis Harris is an experienced facilitator who can make your meetings more productive and focused.  He ensures your objects are accomplished and your time is well spent.
  • He designed and facilitated focus groups for a large social service nonprofit.

“Louis Harris made a good presentation and the room was energized.”

“Louis Harris struck a balance between keeping on schedule yet allowing for participants to follow thoughts and ideas through. In the midst of this, was able to take the discussion and distill it to a set of ideas that could be expressed a couple of sentences for easier assimilation and recall.”

Consensus Builder

  • Louis Harris can instill teamwork and discover solutions.  He ensures that all voices get heard and guides parties to reach consensus.
  • He gained support from partisan stakeholders for a controversial utility investment plan.

“Louis Harris has natural inclination to skillfully engage people to help create a good solution… Everyone had ownership in the outcome because [they were] included in the process of crafting the solution.”

“He presented a complex topic that was controversial…  He sucked the people dry of ideas while at the same time providing each with positive reinforcement.”

Leadership Development

  • Licensed provider of the Appreciative Leadership Development Program ©, a positive approach to leadership development and personal growth.
  • Certified trainer by the Corporation for Positive Change.



Strategic Planning

Is your organization at a cross roads?  Are you facing many opportunities and need guidance on the best way forward?

  • Louis Harris can help your team discover its strengths and identify its aspirations. He will design an organization to take you there.
  • He designed a plan for a large utility to raise public awareness of safety hazards faced by utility crews.

“We were able to solve complex problems in some cases, in other cases we were able to advance a logical path forward.”

Team Building

Are you confronted by high employee turnover?  Does low motivation and productivity stymie your aspirations?  Does information flow throughout your organization?

  • Louis Harris can help design processes and programs to build on the strength of your team and improve productivity of all team players.
  • He built a multilevel, multidiscipline internal team to help a large association successfully respond to a federal regulatory initiative.

“Louis Harris created a debate forum and worked with a population comprised of different social and economic backgrounds.”

“Louis Harris has a natural inclination to skillfully engage people to help craft a good solution.  It translated into a good work environment that was more productive and engaged.  Everyone had ownership of the outcome because they were included in the process of crafting the solution.”