Guide Your Team to a Better Future

Louis Harris of Your Betterment Incorporated in Chicago, IL is a Facilitative Leader, Organizational Designer and Strategic Planner with a track record of success improving companies across the Chicago area.

What We Do

Meeting & Team Facilitation

Make meetings more productive and focused.

Consensus Building

Dissolve tensions and conflict by instilling teamwork and discovering solutions.

Team Building

Build on the strength of your team and improve motivation and productivity.

Leadership Development

Build upon unique strengths, skills and talents as a leader and team player.

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Why choose us?

Help your team to a better future.

Louis Harris of Your Betterment Incorporated is an excellent facilitator who creates a positive atmosphere of engagement. He can help your team solve planning, organizational, and communication challenges.

With a compassionate and empathetic approach to team building, Louis makes people of all opinions and backgrounds feel a part of the process. He helps people see all sides of an issue to resolve disputes and reach consensus. He also helps individuals and teams break through barriers, see beyond challenges, and discover new opportunities. Organizations emerge with a new found sense of inclusion and optimism.

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