One-on-one interviews with Third Coast Review.

YB conducted a day-long team building and planning session that involved 14 writers and friends of Third Coast Review.

Using a modified, Appreciative Inquiry 4-D process, we started with one-on-one interviews. The data from those interviews gave participants a better sense of what Third Coast Review does when its at its best, and what are the characteristics of excellent arts and culture web sites in general. We then had a visioning session in which participants to chose images that most reflect what 3CR could look like in 5 years if it were operating at its best. This was followed by the formulation of provocative statements that put flesh onto 3CR’s strengths and visions.

After deciding which provocative statements most reflect the visions for Third Coast Review, participants agreed on a series of actions to follow to fulfill this vision.

About Third Coast Review

Third Coast Review is Chicago’s locally curated website, specializing in Chicago-area arts and culture coverage.

Our editors and many of our contributors are alumni of Gapers Block, the Chicago-centric website launched in 2003. When Gapers Block went on hiatus in January 2016, Third Coast Review was launched.


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