This new website refocuses our services on team building, which can benefit any organization. We created a team building program that has helped a bank branch, an arts magazine/blog, an investment advisory firm, and a marketing company. After experiencing Your Betterment’s program, these clients improved the workings of their teams and built stronger organizations.

Your Betterment uses a positive change management philosophy known as Appreciative Inquiry. The basic premise is that it is better to do more of what you’re good at than it is to do less of what you’re bad at. As a result, Appreciative Inquiry processes build positive energy, instead of negative vibes.

Change Management Process

Change management processes often use deficit-based approaches that focus on identifying and solving problems. While these processes can be useful, too often they give energy to problems and make them worse. As a result, brainstorming sessions about problems can allow one person’s pet peeve to morph into the whole organization’s cause célèbre. What could have been addressed in an easy fix suddenly takes on a distracting urgency that was neither necessary nor helpful. Negativity gives team members reasons for dissatisfaction that had previously not been felt.

Focus on What Works and Why

photo of a YB team builing session
BBG team members prepare ski.

A better approach is to shift the focus on what works and why. What strengths does each team member bring to the organization, and how can those skills be better utilized? How can relationships between team members be strengthened to ensure that work processes go more smoothly? What can be done to make team members feel ownership in the result? What is the vision of team members and what can be put in place to achieve that vision? How can we insure that any improvements identified in the session actually get implemented? The process Your Betterment uses does these very things.

Working with Bright Bright Great

Your Betterment recently used this team building approach with Bright Bright Great. BBG is a Chicago-based internet marketing firm that specializes in website design, brand development, and marketing strategy. They work closely with clients to build product and message, and they make it accessible to as a large group of potential customers as possible. BBG worked with Your Betterment to redesign this website and gain a sense of what YB’s services are.

Show a YB session
BBG team works on a positive future.

This process started with BBG experiencing Your Betterment’s day-long team building program. That session illuminated several things. For example, it demonstrated that team members already worked well together and enjoyed doing so. Also, it identified the communications and team member recognition approaches that work best for the team. It brought positivity to the fore and identified ways the team could be even better. Most importantly, it revealed a vision, common to nearly every team member, of expanding the team and the firm. It even identified skill sets that additional team members could bring.

A few weeks after that session, BBG signed a lease to substantially increase its office space, and it began the process of expanding. It has adopted the ideas for improved communication and team member recognition that resonated most with team members. Moreover, it created a sense of ownership within the team of the firm’s mission, objectives, and vision.

Having experienced the program Your Betterment offers, BBG was in an excellent position to help in improving our brand and website. The brand they developed marvelously captures the spirit of the programs Your Betterment offers.  BBG improved the website’s presentation, organization and overall messaging.

Interested in a Team Building Session?

Your Betterment hopes to bring its team building programs to all organizations in need. For more information contact us.


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