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Louis Harris approaches team building with several underlying philosophies and lessons learned he as acquired with over 30 years of facilitation and strategic planning experience.

Positivity Benefits Teams

Teams react better to positive questions about strengths, assets, vision, and dreams. Positivity creates an excellent vibe and raises excitement, which results in stronger teams and better employee commitment. It is better to do more of what you’re good at than it is to do less of what you’re bad at.

Positive Plans Get Implemented

Deficit-based exercises often result in plans that lead to little actual change. They often sit on the shelf with little ultimate impact. By contrast, YB’s programs have a built-in mechanism that ensures implementation of action items and plans. Teams that experience YB’s methods get so energized, the plans that emerge fulfill themselves.

Stronger Relationships Get Results

Strengthening relationships between team members and other stakeholders is a huge benefit of effective team building. The one-on-one interview method for gathering data strengthens these relationships and gives participants a better understanding of the talent each team member has to offer.

Active Listening is Vital

Active listening and engagement is essential to ensuring all voices are heard. Some people may appear challenging or negative, earning reputations for being rough or antisocial. Such people usually have great ideas, but nobody has taken the time listen to them. Louis Harris has an innate ability to obtain active engagement from everyone, however shy, reluctant, or “outside” a particular individual may seem.

Teams Have a Variety of Challenges

Every organization faces challenges that need addressing, and teams face challenges that are unique to them. Team building programs need to be tailored to address the specific needs of an organization. 

Including All Levels is Important

Engaging employees from all levels of an organization in a team building process creates widespread buy-in for the plans and action items that emerge. YB’s programs are designed to do just that.  


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