Louis Harris makes a creative space in YB team building programs.

Creativity plays a major role in YB team building programs. People routinely think of ways to do things better. YB team building programs are a platform for expressing new ideas and creatively building upon them. The techniques YB uses allows team members visualize these ideas and explore how they can benefit the team.

Pictures Say a Lot

YB programs start with one-on-one interviews that elicit stories about successes and strengths. The larger team then discusses, processes, and agrees on the ideas that resonate the most. Participants then envision what the work space could look like should processes be in place to allow full expression of these strengths and assets. To this end, pictures are a tool for envisioning. Participants at a YB session choose among 100 photographs to find the two that most illustrate their visions. Visioning can also be accomplished by drawing.

Skits and Prototypes Give Substance

Following discussion of the visions, participants agree on provocative statements that put the visions into place. Creativity puts flesh onto the bones of these provocative statements. Various tools are useful, depending on the project. For team building, skits allow participants to act out the improvements being discussed. Skits show how the change would look like in practice.

If the team is considering a new product or expansion, art supplies allow participants to design a prototype of the concept under consideration. This gives physical life to the ideas. If done in teams, these creative activities strengthen the inner workings of the team.

Turning Ideas Into Actions

All of these tools draw on team members’ creative impulses. They are great vehicles for team members to give substance to ideas that may arise over the course of the day. Participants leave the session with a clear understanding of the improvements that were discussed.


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