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Several months ago YB did a day-long team building session for an investment advisory firm. Except for one person who was ill, all team members participated, including leadership. The session addressed improving intra-office communication, enhancing the already positive work environment, and encouraging mentorship and learning in the office.

Brainstorming: One-on-One Interviews

The team building session followed the lines of an Appreciative Inquiry 4-D process, and the team benefited from all aspects of it. The brainstorming approach of one-on-one interviews was new to the firm, which has since used one-on-one interviews in other situations. After the interviews, the following process strengthened relationships between team members. A greater sense of team cohesion resulted.

Communications, Positivity, Mentorship

Interview questions sought success stories on intra-office communications, positivity in the work place, and mentorship. Two smaller groups initially reviewed the interview responses, and they shared with the larger group the especially interesting success stories. As discussion progressed, a few ideas resonated with participants, and team members identified the factors that made success possible. After a few moments to reflect on their findings, team members chose photographs to visualize what a positive work environment would look like if all of these elements were in place.

Creativity Comes Forth

Positivity among the team increased as the day went on, and by the time participants put their visions into positive, provocative statements, the positive atmosphere was highly pronounced. After the large group agreed on which statements most applied to their team, the small groups then developed skits illustrating these themes. In addition to allowing creativity to emerge, the skits enabled participants to put flesh on the bones of the positive, provocative statements.

A Roadmap Moving Forward

The session ended with team members volunteering to engage in several new activities that would put that day’s session into place. Developed at the end of a very uplifting day of positive reinforcement, the road map has been implemented in the months since the session. It illustrated that roadmaps developed in YB team building sessions have a way of implementing themselves.


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