Louis Harris Has Facilitated, Improved Teams, and Planned.

Meet Louis Harris

For over 30 years, Louis Harris has facilitated and participated in team building and strategic planning activities. Trained as an economist, he helped a trade association lead a major industry through a fundamental regulatory reform. This made him sensitive to group interaction and gave him an ability to ensure that all voices are heard. As a result, he is able to build compromises and reach consensus.

A trained facilitator, Louis Harris has considerable, hands-on experience facilitating large and small groups. He is a certified practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry and has earned a LEAN/Six Sigma Green Belt and a ScrumMaster certificate. He has designed and facilitated team building, strategic planning, focus groups, and large-scale reorganization efforts.

Hands-on Experience

Investment advisory firm

Louis Harris designed and conducted a team building program with an investment advisory firm. The day-long program strengthened the relationships between team members, and the client developed a road map listing the actions the team could undertake to improve its work. As a result of the session, the client learned a new brainstorming method a better approach to addressing emerging challenges.

Bank Branch

Louis Harris designed and conducted a half-day team building taster session with a bank branch. Program demonstrated the benefits of positivity and taught team members how to flip a negative situation into a positive situation.


Louis Harris designed and conducted a team building/planning session for a major utility. The day-long program of 10-member department strengthened relationships within the department and resulted in a strategic plan to address ongoing work issues.

Internet Marketing Firm

Louis Harris designed and conducted a team building session for an internet marketing firm. The day-long session strengthened internal relationships and generated several ideas for growing the firm. As a result, the organization has begun an expansion process. It has also adopted the ideas for improved communication and team member recognition that resonated most with team members. Moreover, it created a sense of ownership within the team of the firm’s mission, objectives, and vision.

Arts Blog

Louis Harris designed and conducted a day-long strategic planning session for an arts blog start-up. The contributors gained a better sense of the blog’s strengths and aspirations, and the session resulted in a mission and objectives statement. The arts blog has invited him back to conduct a follow-up session.

Health Insurer

Louis Harris helped design and facilitate a major reorganization project for a health insurance provider. Consulting team effort designed and conducted a 4-day process involving 160 participants that resulted in a dozen different work plans for various aspects of the company.

Nonprofit Social Services Agency

Louis Harris designed and conducted focus groups for a non-profit organization. Four sessions spread over two days resulted in a better understanding of the organization’s elderly clientele. In addition, the organization had a better understanding of what its patrons valued.

Trade Association

Louis Harris helped a major industry undergoing regulatory reform reach consensus on public policy issues. Designed and facilitated sessions to develop policy positions that resulted in a unified position that all members could support.


Louis Harris has a BA in economics from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and an MS in economics from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He has earned the following certificates: