Team Building Programs

Your Betterment offers team building programs that help your organization achieve better results. While addressing specific challenges facing an organization, YB’s programs improve team interaction, chemistry, and productivity,. By focusing on the positive, team enthusiasm and employee commitment increase dramatically. YB team building programs can be done over a single day or broken up into multiple sessions.

Discovering Team Members’ Strengths

YB team building programs start with one-on-one interviews that identify individual strengths of team members and deepen interpersonal relationships. The larger group then learns how each person contributes to the overall effort and what leads to the success of the team. Following this, participants envision what it could look like if processes were in place to fully utilize those assets and strengths. Discussion of positivity and strengths results in expanded team member energy and excitement.

Providing Meaning to the Team’s Vision

The team designs statements that explain the meaning of the positive assets, strengths, and visions previously identified. The process of writing and agreeing upon statements builds group consensus on how the team functions best. Having been actively engaged in the whole process, each team member assumes ownership of the results. While sharing characteristics of traditional mission and objectives statements, YB’s process are more meaningful to team members.

A Measurable Roadmap That Team Members Fulfill

After agreeing on the statements, the team then formulates the next steps to implement them. Positive energy that had been building during the session gets translated into work commitments that are meaningful and measurable. Unlike work plans developed in other processes, team members in YB programs fulfill work commitments because they were developed with the active participation and buy-in of everyone on the team. The plans that result from YB’s programs fulfill themselves.

Benefits of the YB Approach to Team Building

  • Employee enthusiasm and morale skyrockets.
  • Team members become more engaged and assume greater ownership in the team’s efforts.
  • Relationships within the team are strengthened.
  • Team members fulfill work plans because they participated in the plans’ creation.
  • Team member buy-in is automatic.