Your Betterment can transform your worksite and team into a positive environment where team members know that their contributions are appreciated and their ideas are considered. YB can help you create an attractive corporate culture that inspires and motivates team members to do their best.

YB approaches team building with several underlying philosophies that have been learned in 30 years of facilitation experience:


Teams react better when addressing positive questions about strengths, assets, vision, and dreams. Positivity creates an excellent vibe and raises excitement. This leads to stronger teams and better commitment to implement a plan. The processes YB designs and facilitates raises team satisfaction and productivity.

Planning that Results in Change

Planning and team building exercises often result in documents or statements that lead to little actual change. YB’s program has a built-in mechanism that ensures action items and plans get implemented. Teams that experience YB’s methods get so energized, plans that emerge fulfill themselves.

Strengthening Relationships

Strengthening relationships between team members and other stakeholders is a huge benefit of effective team building. The data gathering process that YB uses strengthens these relationships, giving participants a better understanding of the talent each team member has to offer.

Active Listening and Engagement

Active listening and engagement is essential to ensuring all voices are heard. People may appear challenging or negative, earning reputations for being antisocial. YB understands that such people usually have great ideas, but nobody has taken the time listen to them. Louis Harris of YB has an innate ability to obtain active engagement from everyone, however shy, reluctant, or “outside” particular individuals may seem.

Address Unique Challenges

Every organization faces challenges that need addressing, and teams face challenges that are unique to them. YB tailors teambuilding programs to address the specific needs an organization faces. Engaging employees from all levels of an organization in a team building process creates widespread buy-in for the plans and action items that emerge. YB’s programs are designed to do just that.