Nancy Bishop

Editor and Publisher, Third Coast Review

“Louis organized and ran a strategic planning session for our arts & culture website, Third Coast Review. He was very thoughtful in planning the day and carried us through from warmup to preliminary decision-making. He was energetic and also considerate of everyone’s opinions and time. It was a great day.”

Amanda Trosten-Bloom

Appreciative Inquiry

I worked closely with Louis for over two years, first as a mentor and then as a collaborator through the Rocky Mountain Center for Positive Change. Throughout our time together I experienced him to be extremely intelligent, focused, responsible, and a great team member. He listens closely to what is said – and the meaning that has not yet been articulated He thinks systemically, and brings that level of thinking to both his design and facilitation. He was thoughtful and sensitive about how to adapt processes based on the culture and purpose of the organizations he served. He remained true to the principles and practices we employed, without being doctrinaire. I highly recommend Louis, as a facilitator, change agent or business partner.”

Bruce Schulman

Bruce D. Schulman & Associates

“I have watched Louis Harris facilitate two groups that lacked a common desire and often were more interested in sabotaging any working relationships. Louis overcame this rather formable obstacle through a facilitation process whereby he initially promoted team building that in turn allowed its participants to use their own planning tools. Creativity was rewarded, new approaches attempted, failures were not ridiculed and positive reinforcement was adapted by all participants. Despite the initial desire of certain participants to not work together, perhaps due to their fear of the uncertainty of how a new approach might affect them, Louis was able to not only overcome this resistance but used it to the benefit of the process. Through the decades of working on Wall Street I have encountered some of the best minds in business. After watching Louis at work and accomplishing the successes in what should have been impossible tasks, I would state that I consider him to be at the top of his field.”

Team Building Testimonials

“It was helpful to getting to know someone within the firm that I do not have a lot of day-to-day contact with. I thought each session was very valuable.” –Anonymous client evaluation

“It was nice for all of us to connect with the greater work environment in mind, but in a different capacity than the regular day-to-day routine. The items the session identified we may already have known, but it was constructive to bring them up again and in a different fashion.” –Anonymous client evaluation

“Louis Harris a natural inclination to skillfully engage people to help raft a good solution. It translated into a good work environment that was more productive and engaged. Everyone had ownership of the outcome because they were included in the process of crafting the solution. –Anonymous client evaluation

“I appreciated the positive focus of the session. That, right there, I feel is why it ended up so successful—and because you are so positive to back it all up. I thought that there had been great research, too. Thank you!” –Anonymous client evaluation

“I was impressed; I didn’t expect to like the process so much, but it was fun to work with coworkers and not only talk about work but things we want to become at work and in our relationships. We all really want the same things, we just have different perspectives.” Anonymous client evaluation

Facilitation Testimonials

“Louis Harris struck a balance between keeping on schedule yet allowing for participants to follow thoughts and ideas through. In the midst of this, was able to take the discussion and distill it to a set of ideas that could be expressed a couple of sentences for easier assimilation and recall.” –Anonymous client evaluation

“Louis Harris can instill teamwork and discover solutions. He ensures that all voices get heard and guides parties to reach consensus.” –Anonymous client evaluation

“[Louis  Harris] presented a complex topic that was controversial. … He sucked the people dry of ideas, while at the same time providing each with positive reinforcement.” –Anonymous client evaluation

“We were able to solve complex problems in some cases, in other cases we were able to advance a logical path forward.” –Anonymous client evaluation